The Permanence of Brainwashing

Many of our fellow Americans have been brainwashed into a state of mind that causes them to be totally incapable of drawing rational conclusions based on reliable evidence. Even in the absence of rock solid evidence, where the circumstances surrounding an event require further investigation, the brainwashed mind is unable to contemplate the possibility of illegality or immorality.

A good example of this kind of brainwashing is the Trayvon Martin incident. For a well-ordered mind, it is not difficult to understand that George Zimmerman defended his life with lethal force. Again, Zimmerman defended his life because he was in danger of being murdered via forceful skull to concrete impact arising from Trayvon Martin repeatedly smashing Zimmerman’s head into the sidewalk.

For whatever reason, many people believe that Trayvon Martin was a honor student super citizen who was prematurely and unjustly struck down by an evil violent racist named George Zimmerman (Hispanic). Wow.

More importantly, Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Maricopa County, Arizona formed a commission of document experts to examine the so-called authenticity of Barack (Barry Soetoro or whatever the hell his name is) Obama’s original birth certificate. Many useful idiots parrot the mantra, “birther” to discount any valid arguments or findings; and use the very same term to sooth their milquetoast consciences.

How can any sane person not see that Barack Obama is an imposter and ineligible for the Office of POTUS? Illegal alien is a more accurate description of this sodomite cretin. Which episode of Honey Boo Boo is your favorite?

Just for your enjoyment at this point:

Do you know that every single elected official in Washington D.C. knows that Obama’s birth certificate is fake? How can they not. Sheriff Arpaio’s evidence is indisputable. It cannot be denied. Obama might as well get up and admit he is not a citizen, much less a natural born citizen. Would any of them care? NO. We have a problem, duh. It’s called a constitutional crisis.

Back to regularly scheduled programming:

Americans are very skilled in finding cheap airfare deals to Vegas, yet utterly clueless at identifying liars. This is because a large proportion of American citizens lack any kind of true moral compass. Their consciences are malformed.

Unfortunately, writing this is a moot point because brainwashing into the liberal mentality, usually accomplished by a formal education into imbecility, is permanent.

Here is Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB agent, describing how to brainwash an entire nation. Notice at the end of the segment Mr. Bezmenov laments the failure of the liberal mind to “wake up.”


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